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Ivy Ground and Tree Cover

November 21, 2011

There’s a walkway off Richardson Terrace that has the ground cover in this amazing ivy – and some of it is growing up the trees. It’s quite stunning to look at!

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Bridge No. 7 Main South Line Heathcote River

November 20, 2011

Another rail bridge – this one is on Richardson Terrace. The sign on the bridge says Bridge No. 7 Main South Line Heathcote River.

Under the bridge – I was standing on the pedestrian walkway with is beside the one lane road that goes under the bridge.


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Miss you sign – Heathcote Library

November 15, 2011

Due to damage sustained during the February earthquake the Heathcote library is closed and it has a wire fence barricade around it. The fence has been decorated with fabric flags and the we miss you message.

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Dunedin today – old buildings everywhere

November 11, 2011





I drove through Dunedin today so stopped for a coffee and some photos. It was a weird experience to be in a busy inner city with a lot of intact masonry. But it was also nice to be somewhere normal with old buildings.

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Louie the Pet World In-Store Cat Attendant

November 10, 2011

This is Louie the resident cat at Pet World – which is located on the corner of Ferry Road and Smith Street in the suburb of Woolston. He wasn’t too fussed about getting his photo taken – refusing to look at the camera despite my best attempts to get his attention. But sure enough, as soon as I put the camera down he put on his best customer service role and got all smoochy with me and the other customers there. He can often be found either sitting on the counter or perched on top of the till (no doubt he’s a very fiscally aware feline)…

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