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Ferrymead Terrace

November 8, 2013


Looks more like a country lane doesn’t it? The grass is getting rather long here and also several strips by Bridle Path Road – we’ve had such a warm spring with plenty of rain as well – so everything is growing a lot.


The lovely Bridle Path Road – it’s quite picturesque. Though I always wonder why they mow the park and not the bit on the other side?


A city of Road Cones

November 7, 2013


The infrastructure of Christchurch was badly damaged due to our earthquakes and three years on roads are still being dug up. This is the top end of Ferry Road by Ferrymead. It demonstrates just how you need to keep your wits about you when driving around Christchurch. Lanes change overnight, so your driving route can vary considerably. Roads also get closed, so you can end up doing a few u-turns along the way.


Here, you follow the footpath up to a point, and then due to the road works on a side street, you have to follow the double row of road cones with the pedestrian signs on them (as seen below).


So, I think it’s safe to say we are the city of road cones. Perhaps that could be our new logo? (Just kidding).

Apparently, Christchurch also now has the dubious honour of being the 17th most congested city in the world to drive in (according to TomTom).


Chess Set at the Watershed Restaurant & Bar, Ferrymead

November 6, 2013


This chess set caught my eye today as I walked past the Watershed Restaurant & Bar in Ferrymead.

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The re-opened Causeway and the Start of the Coastal Pathway

November 4, 2013


The causeway is the short straight stretch of road that runs beside the estuary just past the Ferrymead Bridge. It is the main route to Redcliffs and Sumner. It’s been closed for months as the road needed repaired due to earthquake damage. During this time, traffic has been re-routed around McCormacks Bay. I dare say everyone who used this road and the residents of McCormacks bay are all now very relieved to have a working road back. The wide strip of asphalt to the left is the start of the Coastal Pathway – a dual bike and pedestrian path that will eventually make it’s way from Ferrymead to Sumner.


Some interesting drainage.


There are now a number of stairs along the pathway which take you down to the estuary beaches for easy access.


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Christchurch Trolleybus No 210 at Ferrymead Heritage Park

October 28, 2013


This long weekend, the Ferrymead Heritage Park had lots of transport events – you could ride on a steam train, a trolley bus, a tram and even a steam tram. I had a lot of fun jumping on and off all of the different rides that were available. While there, I checked out the Trolley Bus shed – and they have lots of them there being restored. The trolleybus parked in front of the shed has been restored and is now one of the oldest operating trolleybuses in the world.


Inside the Trolleybus. What a lot of work it must be to restore these – definitely a labour of love though for the volunteers at Ferrymead.