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Murder Mystery Sign

July 12, 2012

One of the many signs dotted around Ferrymead Park for the Murder Mystery theatre dinner. I was lucky enough to actually go to it last week. They put you on the tram and have it attacked by zombies! Then you have to spend the rest of the night guessing which one of the actors was the murderer. A good night out and lots of audience participation.


Thinking of You Sign, Morgans Valley

July 4, 2012

This sign grabbed my attention today. I spotted it as I walked down Bridle Path Road in Heathcote. I’m not sure how long it has been there but probably not long. I’m guessing it’s in response to the red zone announcements that were made regarding parts of the Port Hills. I don’t personally know how many houses are affected in Morgans Valley but from the Land Check Map it looks like two thirds of the valley is red (uneconomic to repair) and the rest is still white (still to be determined). This is so distressing for home owners, many have to give up the homes they love, while others have to continue to wait for their fate.

It’s these random acts of thoughtfulness though that make things just a little more bearable for everyone and whoever took the time to put the sign up is indeed a very kind and thoughtful person.

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Waimairi Cemetery

June 15, 2012

Waimairi Cemetery, Grahams Road

Today was a busy one for me, I ended up all over the city on personal and business appointments. I was constantly driving from one place to the next and always getting stuck in traffic and never really able to stop and take a photo (even when the sun did briefly come out).

So it was getting pretty late today, when I finally pulled over and jumped out with my camera on Grahams Road in Burnside. It was getting dark, it was cold, and it was raining, so it seemed like the perfect subject matter.

I find cemeteries quite beautiful places to photograph, though I’m not keen to linger especially when it’s as cold as it was today. I’m not really a superstitious person or scared of things that go ‘bump in the night’ as I can usually think of a rational explanation. But I have not always been that way and could get quite spooked given the right situation. Nearly 10 years ago, I rented a house two doors away from this very cemetery and from the moment I moved in I felt uneasy and like I was ‘not alone’. I tried for months to get a flatmate, but no one would move in. The house had a long corridor and I always felt like I was being watched from the other end of the house. Often, I’d find that several of the kitchen cupboards were open in the morning, after being shut at night.

But the creepiest thing of all, was that on several occasions I was woken up by a voice calling my name.


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Foggy in the City

June 1, 2012

A foggy view of the city greeted me this morning from our balcony. The sun was hitting the buildings which were just poking out of the fog.

Happy June 1st! Can’t believe it is June already and now officially winter. Brrrr, wonder if Christchurch will get snow again this year?

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Woods Mill 14 Wise Street Addington

May 27, 2012

This is Woods Mill on Wise Street in Addington. I had read of a plan to redevelop it, but am not sure if that is still the case. I certainly hope this building can be saved.

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