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Blossom on Bridle Path Road

September 14, 2013


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Art Work Window Display in Heathcote

September 13, 2013


Some days, in search of my daily photo, I just go on a drive and think, who knows what might be down this street. Well tonight, imagine my surprise when I saw this on a street in Heathcote! It’s certainly eye catching. There’s a note in the window display from the artist – Andrew Lyons, that these items are for sale. What a novel and creative marketing idea! I also love the mailbox.


More blossom and some broken trees

September 12, 2013

Blossom Tree near the Hagley Golf Course

Two nights ago, we had gale force winds in Christchurch. It has resulted in quite a few up-rooted trees around the city and further west into rural Canterbury. Many people had wondered if the blossoms on Harper Avenue would survive these strong winds. Well I’m pleased to report they certainly have survived and look remarkably untouched. The same can’t be said for some of the trees around the city though.


Fallen tree by Riccarton Avenue


This tree is at the Riccarton entrance to the Botanic Gardens and is huge


Our blossom trees have survived our first spring storm


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The Temple for Christchurch, Temporary Art Installation

September 9, 2013


This is the Temple for Christchurch. It can be seen at Peterborough Street in the central city (where the convention centre used to be opposite the town hall).


The Temple is a temporary art installation where people can write about their experiences of the earthquakes, or their hopes for the future of Christchurch. The temple will be moved to Motukarara Racecourse where it will be burned (in the tradition of the Burning Man Festival of art in Nevada). The negative experiences from the earthquake will be released when burned by the fire.


I read quite a lot of what was written on the walls of the temple, and by far this was my favourite sentiment.


To learn more about the Temple visit:


Blossom Tree by the Water Wheel

September 7, 2013


I’ve been waiting for this blossom tree to come out – as in the last few years I’ve missed it in full bloom, being a little too late to take photos of it. But this year, I’ve been checking on it each week to see how far away the blossom was. The water wheel used to operate but hasn’t done so since the earthquakes.