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Smoke Plumes from West Melton Scrub Fire

January 11, 2013


I was out for a walk at lunchtime when I noticed a lot of smoke rising up. It kept getting bigger so I decided it had to be photographed… It wasn’t until I watched the news tonight that I learned it was from a scrub fire that took hold in West Melton today. That’s the second fire we’ve had this week – as we’re getting temperatures in the high 20’s with strong hot winds. Nothing compared to what Australians are having to deal with at the moment though.


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A walk up the Hill

January 9, 2013


A few cellphone snaps from my walk up the Mt Pleasant hill at lunchtime today. Love the sunflowers – which are a lot further on than mine are. The letterbox was amusing but sad – there’s not house on the section any-more, but there’s a fence in front of the section, so I suspect they’ve still been getting circulars through the box…

The sky is typical of our nor’wester days. It’s been hot here, about 30 degrees with a warm wind blowing from about lunchtime. Our northwesterly wind makes some people go a bit loopy, others get tired, some get invigorated. We always get stunning skies and sunsets on these days too.

The large red tree is a Pohutukawa – they are out in flower all over the hill now.


Mr Mod Garage Door

January 7, 2013


How to turn an otherwise uninteresting garage door into something eye-catching and interesting!

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One Eyed Monster Graffiti

January 6, 2013


One eyed monster graffiti on a wall in Ferrymead. Perhaps it’s an ‘earthquake monster’?


A half day in Diamond Habour, Sculpture, Sea Views and Bird Life

January 4, 2013


This morning, my other half and I, ventured off to Diamond Harbour for a look around and some lunch. It was a beautiful day as you can tell from the skies. Lovely and sunny – not too hot, but hot enough for an ice cream. Diamond Harbour is on the Banks Peninsula and you can drive to it from Christchurch (it takes about 40 minutes to drive), but we caught the Ferry from Lyttelton which takes about 10 minutes.

I made a lunch reservation at the Godley Cafe (Godley House was demolished due to earthquake damage). The cafe is just back a bit from where Godley House was situated. I really enjoyed sitting on the deck sipping my wine and eating their pizza.


These sculptures are from the Sculpture on the Point exhibition that is on until February 24th (so you’ve got some time up your sleeve to view it). The sculptures are by Neil Dawson (first picture through the port hole), Alison Erickson (woman and child), Hannah Kidd (the dogs, horse and squirrel), Mark Whyte (the white stone sculpture) and Llew Summers (the circular sculpture). Hopefully I’ve got those all correct.


While walking around Diamond Harbour we encountered several New Zealand wood pigeon – either swooping between the trees right in front of us, feeding on cherry plums, or soaring in the air (well…as much as a big fat pigeon can soar). It’s a small feat that they can fly they are so big and such clumsy fliers.

It was a lovely day out and I highly recommend a visit to the beautiful Diamond Harbour.

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