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Midway Moorhouse Re-Development

January 29, 2013


This is a new retail precinct called Midway Moorhouse. The previous buildings that were on this site were demolished due to earthquake damage.


You can learn more about what shops are open at the official website

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Rubber Duck Graffiti Art

January 26, 2013


A rubber duck has been spray painted onto a wall in Tuam Street. At least it’s cute graffiti.

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Latimer Square

January 25, 2013


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Monarch Caterpillars and Sunflowers

January 24, 2013


I’ve always loved watching monarch butterflies flying around in the garden – so I plant Swan Plants (milkweed) to ensure I get to enjoy them each year. My swan plants have gotten quite big and bushy and I had very few caterpillars on them. But all that changed in the last week or two. I suddenly noticed a lot of caterpillars at different sizes. Prior to that, I had seen a lot of monarchs visiting – often two at time.


As you can see, my neighbourhood is going to be flush with beautiful monarchs.


Monarch Caterpillar Chrysalis

I’ve only seen one chrysalis so far – they are hard to spot being the same colour as the plants.


My other summer project has been to grow some sunflowers from seed that were left in our mailbox. I sowed the seeds in late October and have given them a considerable amount of attention. I can imagine my neighbours saying to each other ‘there she goes again watering those sunflowers!’. My partner thinks it’s ironic that a ‘sun’ flower needs so much ‘rain’. So far I’ve had one flower on me, and I have another one getting close to flowering. I’m not sure how big the plants will get – it will be interesting to see.


I’ve never grown sunflowers before, so it’s an intriguing process watching them develop. I think I expected the flower to be big straight away – but it came out quite small and has developed a lot in the week or two that it’s been out.

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Buskers Comedy Club

January 23, 2013


A few of the performers I caught at the Buskers Comedy Club. Best to get there early – you won’t see much if you are not in the bench seat near the front :( – hence why all of my phoots are of people up in the air!