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The moon over the city

March 26, 2012

The Moon, Jupiter and Venus - click for larger image - taken by Bruce

The moon was amazing tonight – the photos do not really do it any justice at all. To the left is also the planet Jupiter and to the right is Venus – which are both visible in our night sky at the moment if you know where to look. Also visible in the larger image is the light of hope that shines out from the city. The first photo is taken by my partner Bruce with his Sony NEX5 – which proved to be a little more easy to work with than my Sony A200…

Another shot showing the colour of the sky - taken by me with my Sony A200 and a prime lens



Fallen Statue Now at Canterbury Museum

March 7, 2012

The fallen statue of John Robert Godley which stood in the Square until the February 2011 earthquake, can now be seen at the Canterbury museum as part of the earthquake exhibit.


Cupcake Goodness

March 2, 2012

I made cupcakes tonight for a party I am having tomorrow. I don’t usually make cupcakes, but have been meaning to have a go at them for a while (I’ve owned the stand for over a year!). They are orange and lemon flavoured with butter icing. But some have cream cheese icing on them instead (which I’ve died Yellow). We’ve taste tested a couple before I iced them and they passed!



Countdown Ferrymead

March 1, 2012

At long last they are pulling down my local supermarket. It was wonderful having a supermarket just 5 minutes away. It was always busy, but it was a nice supermarket, with a good selection of food and the fresh produce was pretty good. So I’ve really missed it. It’s turned grocery shopping into an even bigger chore than it already was. Even though it looks quite a sight at the moment, I was rather pleased to see some progress. They are definitely rebuilding it and the sign up the top thanks us for being patient. I remember watching Moorhouse Countdown going up years ago, it seemed to take forever. Here’s hoping this one goes up pretty quickly.

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Merivale Mall

February 28, 2012

I was in Merivale this morning so popped into Merivale Mall to have quick look. As you can see (and most locals will know) a section of the mall has been cordoned off due to safety concerns. Quite a few shops are still open – including Quinns and Photo and Video International.

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