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Book-style Street Art

February 2, 2014


Love this book style mural in the city – it’s on a building on the corner of Hereford and Colombo Streets. It has forward and back arrows, so perhaps it’s an e-book!

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Sandcastle Art at the Palms

February 1, 2014


Sand castle art at the Palms. Rather impressive! The parrot has a wooden leg.

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Tree Art in Opawa

January 31, 2014


Very cool tree art in Opawa! I’ve always thought that these trees looked like they had eyes and now they do! You can view the tree just up from the Opawa Library by the river. I’ve zoomed in for effect, but the eye is actually quite small.


Thanks goes to my very observant friend Emma, who spotted the eye in the first place…


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Mural by the Honeypot Cafe in Sydenham

January 30, 2014


Spotted by the Honeypot Cafe in Sydenham a rather colourful mural.

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Flowers in the City

January 27, 2014


Flowers grow all around the city in nice little plots that are well maintained. The cheerfulness of the yellow flower is in stark contrast to the background – the buildings that used to make up what was known as SOL Square, which was a popular evening venue with bars and restaurants.

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