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Sumner Beach at Dusk

April 20, 2016


Sumner Beach is a wonderful spot any-time of the day, but for photography it excels in the evening. I always like to shot into the sun and then turn around and shot out of it – for two very different photos.


DSC04756 DSC04771



Shag on a Rock at Sumner Beach

March 7, 2015


Not to be confused with Shag Rock at Sumner Beach, this is a Shag on a Rock at Sumner Beach! It sat there intently for at least 90 minutes (the length of my walk along the beach and ice cream consumption on the way back). It looks like the shag is watching all of the surfers.


Sumner Beach

January 1, 2015


I went to Sumner beach today and grabbed myself an ice-cream, dipped my toes in the water and went for a walk between Scarborough and Sumner. A lovely way to spend some of New Year’s Day. Hope you all have a lovely New Year too and a great 2015.


Kowhai seed pod sculpture seat at Sumner Beach

December 18, 2013


This sculpture is by the beach near Marriner Street in Sumner. It was unveiled this week and is by Christchurch sculptor Chris Reddington. The Christchurch City Council commissioned the sculpture, as part of its Transitional City programme. It has been designed to be sat on and played on.

You can read more about the sculpture and its meaning at the CCC press release about the sculpture.

DSC03103 DSC03107

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Sumner Beach at Dusk

May 9, 2013


I took a lot of photos of Sumner Beach at dusk today, I should have had my tripod with me, and I pushed the camera a bit too far… but it didn’t do too badly. Except the brown spot in the middle of this photo is not distinguishable as a dog! But for some reason I really like the photo from all of the ones I took. Guess it’s because they are a little moody and stand out for me from the sunset photos I took (and I took a lot of them). If there is a photographers anonymous for snap addicts, I should probably sign up!


And here’s one of those sunset shots with shag (ed) rock – it’s not what it used to be.



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