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Catholic Cathedral – Barbadoes Street

This is the cathedral of the blessed sacrament. It is located at the Moorhouse end of Barbadoes street. The Cathedral was blessed and opened on the 12th February 1905, at a total cost of fifty two thousand pounds. I probably drive pass the cathedral 20 times in a week, but I never tire of looking at it. It’s simply quite beautiful.


This is a side view of the cathedral. It’s even more impressive from the front (but I couldn’t get back far enough to get a decent shot).

Information from the church’s website:

“The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament is regarded as one of the finest examples of church architecture in Australasia. Its architect, Francis William Petre, specialised in the building of churches and achieved considerable recognition in the field of architecture and engineering. The Cathedral so impressed George Bernard Shaw that he hailed its architect as a — New Zealand Brunellesch.”

Corgis on High Street

I used to walk past these corgi’s every day on my way to work, and as a dog lover they always brought a smile to my face. They were installed to coincide with the 50th jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. As New Zealand is a member of the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth is also the Queen of New Zealand. And, the queen is well known for her corgis. The corgi at the back is sniffing a dropped ice cream.


Not everyone likes them, but I think they’re cute!

View of Lyttelton from Bridle Path

Taken from the top of the Bridle Path walk this is a view of Lyttelton Christchurch’s port. The Bridle Path was once the only route over the Port Hills from the harbour at Lyttelton and was used by Christchurch’s early settlers who would bring everything they owned up and over the track. It’s a steep walk and great exercise if you’re looking to get fit in a hurry. The view as well is simply spectacular.

Christchurch Graffiti Art


Graffiti. Art or vandalism? It’s a contentious issue, but if you were to contend that grafitti is in fact art, this example would certainly help your argument.

I’m not sure why, but I’m personally quite drawn to this type of drawing, perhaps its the vibrant use of colour.

The shot was taken from the Waltham Road over bridge which goes over the railway line. If you ever walk over it, look down and you will see there is a wall of quite stunning graffiti art running parallel to the train tracks. I also happened to find a great YouTube video of some Christchurch graffiti artists in action – in fact parts of the video look like they’ve been filmed near the the location of this picture (watch as one graffiti artist gets a little too close for comfort to an oncoming train).

Alice in Videoland Entrance

This is the entrance to Alice in Videoland with Charlie Chaplin cardboard cutout on the pavement. This is the place to go in Christchurch if you are after classic films or as their website says “art house, foreign, cult, classic, documentary and hard-to-find titles”. They’re located on the Cnr Tuam and High Streets. Website is www.aliceinvideoland.co.nz


Oh, and Christchurch residents take note! If you’re a member and register with their website, you can reserve DVD’s online and they will post them out to you with a reply envelope! Yes, lovers of good cinema never need to leave the house again.

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