My Saturday, Xmas all year, Walking for Darfur, German Cars and More

Beg my indulgence if you will, but I couldn’t make up my mind about which photo to publish, so… I thought ‘why not do a photo essay on your Saturday!”. And, so I have. So here we go, my Saturday (well at least the interesting bits!).

I’m on my way to meet my friend to do a charity walk for Darfur, when I realise I need cash. So I pull up outside my nearest ATM and discover a Christmas store. It’s been there for five years and I’d never noticed it before! This was definitely worth 5 minutes for a look, and I was not disappointed. I got talking to the owner who confirmed they were open all year round and had people from all over New Zealand and the world come in and buy their Christmas ornaments. So the first shot is appropriately the Santas!


The store is called Christmas Jones and you can visit their website at

I arrived at the CWS walk early, and noticed that nearby there was a ‘bring your German car’ to the park day. I happen to be rather fond of German cars (even though I drive a Toyota for now), so I had to check out what was on show.


There were quite a few Volkswagen’s there – but I rather liked this one right by the sign!


Three Porsche’s in a row (various vintages). My dream car!

Back now to the reason I came to the park – to participate in the CWS walk for Darfur. This could be run (8km) or walked (4km). My friend and I just walked it. The weather made it rather a brisk walk! We’ve been getting some very cold winds, and it was particularly bitter today.



My friend is on the very edge of this shot (she will avoid my camera at all times) – and the very sensibly dressed woman with the hat and green jacket is someone my friend has met recently through work.

After the walk, my friend and I discussed going to a Psychic fair (as I thought it might be fun and I could get some good shots), but we both decided we didn’t really want to know our futures! So we walked three blocks into town to a second hand store – to do some bargain hunting.

On the way we went down New Regent Street – which has to be the cutest street in Christchurch.


Just outside of the second hand store I came across this chalk hopscotch outline with a message on each side. Yes, I do remember hopscotch, but even as I child I didn’t like it very much.



Next, we made our way back to the park through the central city – via the square. A group of private school boys were walking past, and they looked so neat in their uniforms – and also quite funny with the lollipop! Our future leaders eh!


I don’t know for sure, but I suspect they may have been heading to the cathedral – perhaps they are the choir boys?


Here’s a building just in the corner of Cathedral Square and Worcester street.

Next we walked down Worcester street and both of us decided we needed refreshments and warming up.

We thought about having a hot chocolate and cake at the Art Gallery cafe (art gallery seen below), but I thought about the Banoffi Pie at the Coffee House on Montreal street and suggested it might be better (and yes, the pie was great).


The Christchurch art gallery. It’s hard to photograph (at least I’ve found it hard) mainly because I don’t have a wide angle lens!


Last shot of the day, a water sculpture near the ‘archery lawn’ in Hagley Park.


  • 10 years ago

    Hi I really love your pictures. Yo are very good.
    I know the christmas shop. Didn’t know that it was so beautiful. Must go for a visit there.
    I loved hopscotch. We played it in Holland with an empty shoepolish tin. You had to throw it in and than when hopping shuff it forward.

  • 10 years ago

    I liked the pic of the little boys best. Their shorts, their coats and their naughty faces (the calm before the storm!) made my day!

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