Glorious Cabbagge Tree in Flower

This was taken about 5.30ish today. I was driving back from a meeting and thought “oh must get a photo” – I was going down Durham street and decided to pull into the back of Victoria Square.

Cabbagge Tree – Victoria Square

It was one of those white sky situations, everywhere I looked – clouds! My feet were hurting from my high heels (I was in a business suit with pearls), so off came the shoes and I darted around Victoria Square like the mad woman that I am, taking random photos. I’m sure some of the American tourists that passed me were amused – me walking on the grass (not barefoot – wearing pantyhose and carrying my shoes). Then the clouds parted and the sun came out and look what I got! What a beauty. By the way, beside the cabbagge tree is a Maori carving (and I’ll post a great shot I have of it and more information about it – probably tomorrow’s post)

Cabbagge Tree Info
The Cabbagge tree is a New Zealand native and isn’t it a stunner. Here’s some information from Wikipedia:

It grows up to 15 m tall, at first on a single stem, but dividing into a much-branched crown, each branch may fork after producing a flowering stem. The leaves are sword-shaped, 40 to 90 cm long and 3 to 7 cm broad at the base, with numerous parallel veins. The flowers are creamy white, each flower small, about 1 cm diameter with six tepals, and produced in a large, dense cluster 50 to 100 cm long. The fruit is a white berry 5 to 7 mm in diameter.

shoes1.jpg And here are the discarded shoes!

In the background is the Christchurch Town Hall and the Ferrier Fountain.

If you come to New Zealand, you should know something about us that some other countries find a little disturbing (so I’ve been told by a Canadian)! We love to go around barefoot! And if we could, many of us would live in our jandals (flips flops to you Aussies). I start wearing my jandals in spring and hang on til mid Autumn!

Now, are you ready for another duck shot? (there’s been a few!)

It’s been at least 12 pictures ago since I took an animal pic, so time for another one, and I’ve returned to one of my favourite subjects – the Paradise duck (endemic to New Zealand).

Mr Duck took one look at the crazy lady with the camera and no shoes on and took off! He looks quite purposeful – like he has an important date to keep. And if you’ve been reading my blog for long, you’ll know the duck is a he as his head is dark (the female has a white head).

Paradise Duck on the run – Victoria Square


  • 10 years ago

    to be honest I have never seen a tree like this:) looks very exotic to me

  • 10 years ago

    Our cabbages are smaller. They are used to produce “la choucroute” de Brienne (sauerkrout).
    Very interesting blog of yours !

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