The Canterbury Sale Yards


A derelict building façade that was once the Canterbury Sale Yards. Now what is left of it is frequented by taggers, with graffiti all over the remaining walls. For some reason I’m drawn to taking photos of ‘urban decay’! But this has enough blue sky and light to make it kind of wistful almost.


  • 10 years ago

    This is not the traditional that I associate with CC, interesting, so clear. Best wishes for the season.

  • 9 years ago

    When visiting my son at Easter, he took me to the Sale Yards and I got a weeks worth of posts for my website. I loved the place! I especially liked recognising so many writers from other cities who had taken the time to get up in the Yards.
    It’s a great venue for writers to work without getting moved on. I hope Christchurch realises how valuable those walls are in the Graf scene – there are some high cred people featured there.

    The Entrepreneur in me would like to make it into a money making graf gallery that these guys could get their dues through…

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