Black Swan, Hagley Park

March 8, 2008
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A black swan on the Victoria Lake (it’s actually more of a big pond), surrounded by ducks. It’s one of those perfect Christchurch days today, not a drop of wind, lovely and warm with blue sky and a few fluffy clouds about. Everyone is out walking or cycling or boating down the Avon river or playing touch rugby or cricket. The ducks were all sunning themselves on the banks of the lake, and there was another black swan just to the left but out of shot. I was 2 feet away from the swan, who didn’t seem to mind me being that close (just as well as my zoom lens sucks). When I was a kid my house was right by a pond that had a black swan – which I hand fed and nicknamed ‘swanny’ (I know, not terribly original but I was only 8).

About Hagley Park
It’s a must see – in fact if you come to Christchurch for a day or two it will be hard to miss – as the park is right in the middle of the city and covers 407 acres. It was established in the 1850s and has many mature trees including oaks and pines. It’s a popular place to jog, cycle or walk, has lots of playing fields for sports (including netball courts), two lakes (Albert and Victoria), the Botanic Gardens, and the river Avon meanders it’s way through the park. The park is divided into North Hagley and South Hagley with the Botanic Gardens between them.

Download a PDF map of Hagley Park

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