Burrito Company


The Burrito Company is located on Armagh Street. I like the building and the logo, both are very cute. Can’t vouch for the food as I have never eaten there. I took the photo while on my way to Costa’s Souvlaki – also on Armagh Street. I was tempted to get a Burrito… but I’m a creature of habit, and have been eating at Costa’s for 12 years (always a ‘Chicken no onion’). Purely an accident that some guy in a cycle helmet is standing right by the cycle they have hanging in the window (at least I think it is!).

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  • 9 years ago

    The burritos there are delicious … my favourite takeaway. Like you I am a creature of habit – vegetarian burrito (green and red peppers) with smoky black beans and guacamole and lovely coriander based salsa. though recently I tried the pork and it was equally tasty. I don’t think the bike is in the shop normally, but it adds to the photo doesn’t it.

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