Avon River & Retour Restaurant


  • 9 years ago

    I know it is just across the pond, but I have never been to NZ, although I hope to rectify that in 2009. Christchurch is a very beautiful city. Is it as “English” as these photos make me think?

  • ChCh Daily
    9 years ago

    Hi Julie,

    Christchurch is often referred to as being ‘English’. Though some of the English visitors I have met have said ‘perhaps England 30 years ago!’. The city has a lot of gardens and parks and ‘gothic revival’ buildings which do give it a very English flavour along with lots of mature oak trees. Though in recent years there have been a lot of plantings of New Zealand native trees and plants around the city – which would definitely make the English aware that they’re not at home!

  • Karen
    6 years ago

    Just loved this part of Christchurch when I visited with my husband and brother in 2009. We walked along here a number of times. I know a nearby building was extensively damaged – did the Retour survive?

  • 6 years ago

    Karen, from the footage I have seen post February 2011 quake, the retour is still standing but has sustained some damage.

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