Bella the sheep dog and the sheep sculpture

bella2 bella1

So, I think I need to explain this! The Festival of Flowers was on recently and in the Botanic Gardens there were sculptures that were influenced by flowers. The one you see is of a sheep hanging from a tree. The dog is bella, who was on a walk with her owner and at the suggestion of one of my fellow photographers Bella was instructed by her owner to sit under the sheep (nice juxtaposition eh!) – bella the sheep dog under a sheep sculpture (in case you missed it!). Bella being a border collie was quite the live wire, but exceptionally well trained and behaved and sat there posing for us quite happily (isn’t she just beautiful too – such an appropriate name). I’m not sure if the scuplture is still there.


  • 8 years ago

    Love it !

  • I love border collies, Bella looks a great example. I had a mate whose family had similar dog and he used to round their kids up when they went to the park, sometimes including kids that were not theirs!

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