Snapped at The Groynes – a popular picnic spot in Christchurch.


This is a Pukeko (swamp hen and a member of the rail family) and it is believed they came to New Zealand around 1,000 years ago.   They are quite interesting and comical characters and you will often see them on the side of the road foraging for food (attracted because of the drains).


  • 8 years ago

    I always wanted to take a portrait of this guys. So fa I’m missing a chance. Good looking bird, IMHO and those are very nice shot.

  • 8 years ago

    Thanks Ben. I have seen a few around the roads in Christchurch and have been wanting to take some photos of them for a while. Just lucky enough to spot one at the Groynes during the weekend – stopped the car and crept very quietly to the paddock it was in.

  • Looks a bit like bird we have here in the UK, the moorhen, a very shy bird seen on ponds, rivers and canals. great photos.
    Leeds Daily Photo

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