This is a Kakariki which means ‘little parrot’ in Maori. It is a New Zealand native parakeet – a red-fronted parakeet to be precise. I snapped it during feeding time at Orana Park. I loved the lions, but I think I’m rapidly become a bird fanatic – it was just such a great experience to have such beautiful native birds feeding just a few feet away from me.



  • My, he is colourful. Yes you are very lucky Michelle. There are parakeets here in the UK, a growing number flying free and I think climate change has something to do with it, the winters do not get really cold. I have seen one parakeet here in a tree in Yorkshire, did not believe it at first! Only had my mobile phone camera, so pic not good.
    Paul Leeds Photo Daily

  • 8 years ago

    Lovely birds, we see them occasionally around here.

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