Night shot, Sign of the Takahe Pathway


Taken tonight at the Sign of the Takahe pathway.

This wasn’t the shot I left the house to get, but I’ve learned to relax when things don’t go to plan and get the shot fate has in-store for you.

You see I saw the sky going a pretty pink, jumped in the car but realised I needed petrol. First petrol station had no petrol (I know!). I ended up going the long way to the hills and by the time I got there the sky was gone and the light was going very very quickly. But out comes the tripod and on goes the woollen coat (brrr it was cold up there). So imagine my reaction when I turn on my camera to see zero battery life. I figure, what the hell I might just get a few shots. Well I got something like 50 shots! My Sony A200 camera just keeps impressing me.

So, here is the first shot from this series, which is actually the last shot I took. More photos tommorrow of the city lights.

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  • 8 years ago

    What a life ! Anyway the picture is fine. Cheers from Paris

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