I walk the Bridle Path to Lyttelton

Random people who were puffing as much as me
Some random people who were puffing as much as me

The Bridle Path is a steep pass over the Port Hills and into Lyttelton (a port town). It has been in use since 1850, with Canterbury’s early settlers arriving by ship in Lyttelton and then having to climb up the track and down the other side with all of their possessions. I can barely do this with just a back pack and a camera!

I often do this walk from Heathcote and just up to the Summit Road and then back down again. But today I decided to keep walking and have a coffee in Lyttelton. The only problem with this idea, is that after sitting in a nice warm cafe reading the Christchurch Press and sipping on my flat white, I had to walk 15 minutes and up 2 sets of steep steps to get to an even steeper road that eventually gets you to the start of the track. And I realised today, that most of the people that do this track are very fit, so don’t despair if you do it and have people passing you like I do! I have particular scorn though for those that can run the whole thing (show off’s!).


  • Hi Michelle, I walk quite a lot, I have a pedometer in my mobile. I walk perhaps a little slower these last few months since I saw your photo of cat asleep on pumpkins, now I most likely carry camera with me.

  • 8 years ago

    Good on your Michelle! and the photographs are fantastic!

  • 8 years ago

    Paul, a camera sure slows you down a lot. That’s why when I want real exercise I don’t take mine. But then as fate would have it I usually come across something photo-worthy!

  • Ron Hood
    6 years ago

    Up until the forties (and hopefully later) there was a mark or similar where the Blacksmith first rested his anvil as he carried it over the hill.
    Is that still there and is there still any history of that.
    Ron Hood

    • 6 years ago

      Hi Ron, I don’t recall seeing it, but I’m not that observant when I am walking the path as it’s so steep. Certainly won’t be walking it for a while either – since the earthquake it’s quite unsafe due to rock falls.

  • 6 years ago

    First I want to express my love and thaughts to all you kiwi’s, in these hard and difficult days.
    As the first settlers, we all have to overcome difficult hardship.
    Pat of my family lives in Christchurch and I have lived in your country as well.
    Many walks, paths and tracks have have seen the soles of my shoes and carried my weight.
    The most memorable was, my hike up Mount Herbert, what a climb, especially as a none fit and
    well trained person. But well, I thaught, how difficult can this be…very, almost unbearable if I had not taken enough water en food. It took me 3 hours to get there, right on the top and the reward is amazing, a godly sigt.
    So when you trackers are weary of the bridle, have a try on Mnt Herbert, you will love it.

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