Giant Puddle and Reflection


This one’s for Michael, who wondered where my rainy shots were! Well, no rain, because after the rain comes the sun in Canterbury. But here is the after effect of the rain we have been having (and it has been rather a lot!). I waited for a car to drive through this puddle, but they wouldn’t, they kept swerving over to the right to avoid it. Darn concientious car owners! This was taken tonight around 5pm just around the corner from the Christchurch South library. And no, I didn’t stand in the middle of the road to take it, thankfully I have my 300 mm zoom lens to keep me out of the traffic! The ashphalt on the far right is the foot path in case you are trying to make sense of the shot, basically the puddle consumes the entire left side of the road.


  • Nice relection photo. We have had a lot of rain this week, I have got wet a few times.
    Leeds Photography

  • 8 years ago

    Nice work Michelle, safety first eh? not wanting to play with the traffic. I dont know about you but I’m torn when I see puddles like that; part of me doesnt want to drown the electrics under the hood – the other part of me just wants to speed up & aim for the deepest part of the puddle!

  • 8 years ago

    Lol very good, had to laugh when I saw the description! Lots of puddles round here too last few days, to be honest I like the colder weather and every time it snows I’m off into the mountains trying to get that perfect shot 🙂 So will we be seeing lots of frosty morning shots soon Michelle? Lol

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