150 years of Territorial Service


This is a group of retired territorial soldiers marching as part of the 150th anniversary of the formation of the “2nd Canterbury, Nelson, Marlborough and West Coast Battalion Group”. I took a lot of photos and will put more up tommorrow which will be more photographically ‘interesting’. But this one appeals as the shadows on everyone’s backs immediately jumped out at me.  They look like the spectres of long forgotten soldiers. But ofcourse it’s just the mid day sun casting a very strong shadow! The territorials are an army reserve, they are part timers and can hold down civilian careers as well.


  • 8 years ago

    Great series again!
    You have capture the spirit of it!
    Great shots of the brass instruments too!
    Nice work Michelle!

  • Service is of course the word. We have territorials here in the UK. I was a regular for some years and always take time to say hi to any in uniform these days.

    Nice photos Michelle, great with the shadow.

  • Robert
    8 years ago

    Attended the 150th and after waiting 35 years I was so please to see these awesome photos Michelle – well Done !

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