Go Italy!

No I’ve not suddenly switched nationalities! But I did spot this Italian ruby supporter yesterday!  The Italian ruby team played the All Blacks last night in Christchurch at AMI stadium. The Italians were beaten 27-6 by the All Blacks. But it was a boring game, I watched the first half on the telly, and then went home just after the second half started (as I had to get up early for a photography field trip).


And doesn’t he look like such a nice young man!


  • 8 years ago

    You captured the moment superbly! In some ways it was a victory for Italy – that has to be one of the smallest winning margins by the ABs…

  • Gail
    8 years ago

    You don’t even hear about rugby here in Italia. I’ve been trying to find a game on TV, but no luck yet. LAME! Last week I was in Paris, when the French were playing the AB’s and everyone I spoke to that asked me where I was from mentioned the rugby. One day I’ll get home again for some good ole’ rugby action. Thanks for the great photos, as per usual. I love seeing my hometown through your eyes. Brava

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