Yacht at Governor’s Bay


A yacht anchored at Governor’s Bay with the tide coming in. This was taken from the jetty, which I had until today, never been on. It’s quite a long jetty, and I’ll post some pictures of it this week. Governor’s Bay is just over the Port Hills from Christchurch, but when you are there you feel like you are on holiday, its so lovely and sheltered.


  • Looks like a great place for a holiday Michelle. I have just moved house so have been struggling with the CDP thing of late.

  • Gail
    8 years ago

    Oh I love it! I have a a ton of photos from that area myself, last taken in January when I was home for a few months. I love that area, you are right, it does feel like youre on vacation when really, you are just over the hill. so to speak.

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