Victoria Statue


One of the panels in the Queen Victoria statue in Victoria Square. It depicts early colonial occupation in Canterbury. I’m not entirely sure what is going on here… anyone care to suggest? Is the man with his arm up making a speech? He looks to be important – at least the focus for most of the people, and not part of the hard work that’s going on in the background. To the left, perhaps that’s a Maori chief and a princess?


  • di
    8 years ago

    Most unhelpfully – he’s pointing towards McDonald’s and off for a Big Mac???
    It’s a very lovely panel – is it cast in bronze?

  • 8 years ago

    Hi Di, I’m not sure what it’s cast in. there are four panels in total. mmm don’t mention Mcdonalds, they opened up a new restaurant 3 minutes drive away, and I must resist!

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