Boiling Oil Cooking Fire demonstration at Lyttelton

A Christchurch Fireman demonstrating how to put out an oil cooking fire. His advice was to put the lid back on it, call the fire department. As it will take 20 minutes for an oil fire to stop burning. He also used a wet towel over the top and then place the lid on.  He kept taking the lid off to demonstrate how the fire just took off again.  Quite a lesson to be learned here!  Never ever leave your cooking unattended, seriously folks too many people die uneccessarily because of just this issue.

The lid goes off and poof! The flames ignite again.

On goes the wet tee-towel.

To show rather dramatically what can go wrong, a second Fireman poured cold water onto the fire (never ever ever do this!). Do this and you may win a Darwin Award.

On goes the water.  There’s a very good reason he is suited up like that. I am behind a barrier about 6 feet away from him. I’m  NOT using a zoom lens – when this happens!

It was rather hot! But I wasn’t moving, I wanted the shot.  Now remember, never use water on boiling oil, cover the pot, call the fire department, and get out of your house.


  • 7 years ago

    A very dramatic demonstration, well captured. And a useful reminder. Thanks.

  • 7 years ago

    A very important but SCARY demonstration! Wow! The Fire Chief in our Eagan Rotary club has talked to us about kitchen fires – yikes!

  • 7 years ago

    I was about to make a smart comment about how it reminds me of my cooking, but the series of photos is to serious for humourous comments. You’ve done a good public service by reminding us of how dangerous and how quickly it can get out of hand if not taken care of immediately.

  • 7 years ago

    Impressive demonstration ! Good shots !

  • Earl Diment
    7 years ago

    Did you know there is affordable technology available that will not allow the oil to ever ignite and save up to 50% on the energy use of the stove?

  • Emma
    7 years ago

    Ooooh FIRE!!!!!!!!! Nicely done!

  • Ang
    7 years ago

    I like the drama of shots number 3 and 6, the composition of shot 1, how you’ve made it look like his head’s on fire in shot 2 and the sheer sexy of shot 4! (ps nothing wrong with shot 5!)

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