Governors Bay Fete

March 14, 2010
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This morning I attended the Governors Bay Fete at the Allandale domain.  It was an old fashioned charity fair and there were quite a few interesting things to see.  I even came home with a very cool retro ice server and tongs! – purchased for the princely sum of $2! In fact I think my friends and I did more shopping than snapping – but it was all for a very good cause.

This is traditional Maori flax weaving (the bag is called a Kete in Maori).

Some very colourful cupcakes. I resisted as I’d already had a Friand at Coffee Culture in Lyttelton with my latte. 🙂

I love browsing through tables full of stuff like this!  There’s always a chance you will find a little treasure like I did today!

Waiting for the band to play – they turned up just as I was leaving.

Antique cars and a rather good looking old boat were on display. I think the silver car is a Rolls?

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