Shop Mannequins on Madras Street

For some time I’ve been thinking about photograhing mannequins – especially after being inspired by local photographer Tony Bridge’s mannequin shots.

It was not my intention to leave the house tonight and photograph mannequins – it just happend.  I often just park the car somewhere and wander fairly aimlessly, stopping whenever I get a moment of inspiration. The Mannequins have been photoshopped rather a lot (I’ve added a lens flare for dramatic effect!). I’ve so enjoyed playing around with these photos that I’m going to do more of it this week – so stand by for lots of uber photoshopped pics of Christchurch! My apologies in advance to the photo purists who loathe and despise photoshopping! – (you know who you are!).


  • 7 years ago

    I think the mannequins are sleeping on their feet!

  • di
    7 years ago

    Fabulous – I do like the post processing – it works well with this image.
    Also like how those inscrutable heads seem to be suspended in the darkness

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