Little River Rail Trail

Yesterday I did part of the Little River Rail Trail – which starts at Motukarara. I only went as far as Birdlings Flat as we started off a bit late in the day to do the full cycle to Little River (about a 44 km return trip). The wind came up on the way back which made for a more tiring ride home, and perhaps having a class of champagne in Birdlings Flat was not the best idea! It’s a very scenic bike ride, but it’s not a smooth one! And if you have a bike like mine without suspension, you’ll get a bit of a bumping ride.  Cycling by Lake Ellesmere was wonderful – with lots of bird life including herons. My goal is to do the whole track – but I’ll be starting off much earlier in the day to do that!

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  • 7 years ago

    Looks like a great day for a bike ride! Love that blue sky.

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