Frozen in Time

Moorhouse Science Alive Building Clock

This is the clock tower on top of the Science Alive building on Moorhouse Avenue. It stopped when the first quake struck at 4.36am. It hasn’t been restarted as the tower needs work done on it and they are waiting for the aftershocks to stop before they do that. We are all just wondering when the aftershocks will stop (apparently aftershocks can last for a month after the big quake). For the last two nights we’ve had aftershocks in the 4-something magnitude, and there are a lot of tired and grumpy Cantabrians with rather large sleep debts! I know I was certainly feeling the effects of disturbed sleep until I managed to grab an extra 3 hours. A lack of sleep is all I have to complain about though, so I am lucky, very lucky.  Many people have had to leave their homes and find rental accommodation and some work places are unsafe so people can’t work and businesses have had to stop operating or find temporary locations.


  • Very lucky, but still not much fun Michelle. Here hoping that these are the last. Paul

  • 7 years ago

    I do hope it settles down for you soon – I keep looking at my old photos from 2001 and wondering how it looks now.

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