Port Hills in Black and White

September 19, 2010
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I went up to the Port Hills today with my photo club. This spot is one of my favourites (the John Britten Reserve), as on a clear day you can see the Southern Alps to the left and then if you look right (out of shot) you can see the ocean and on a very clear day the Kaikoura mountain ranges (they were visible today but I needed a zoom to get them). As you can see it has a lot of rocky outcrops. The line to the right is the railway line, and the water top right is the estuary.

We’ve been aftershock free since late last night, but I  just felt one right now as I write this – a boom and jolt – kind of like someone next door slammed a lot of doors shut at the same time. I was reading in the paper today that they think the 7.1 earthquake is a once in a 500 year event. But then of course they can’t predict them, so I’m not counting on that statistic (or any others for that matter)!

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