Very free range chickens

I like chickens, always have, even had bantams as a child that were very tame. This chicken (and her friend below) live next door to us. For quite a few months we thought we might have been going mad as we very occasionally would hear chickens in the distance. It always seemed to be Sunday morning. Well one day I was opening up a window and though ‘jeepers they sound like they are in the backyard’. The backyard is something of a wilderness is its own right, so I wasn’t about to investigate. But not much longer after that I walked out the front door and there they were – digging up the path and having a grand old time.

Today, I could hear them scratching about as usual, but imagine my surprise when I realised one was looking down at me! The two of them had got up onto the neighbours’ garage which overlooks my office. Since they’ve spent so much time at our place the neighbour gave us some eggs the other week (they were good too!).

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  • di
    7 years ago

    Fabulous focus and bokeh.
    I would love to have chickens too – for the fresh eggs …

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