Get voting Cantabrians!

Democracy in action in Christchurch! We were a bit late getting our voting papers for the local government elections into the local post, so today I took a special trip into the Christchurch City Council offices and dropped them in the box there. If you haven’t voted yet – what are you waiting for? At least vote for a mayor if you are feeling lazy – (I know it’s hard going reading all those profiles for those standing for community boards and the health board). But think of all the sacrifices made to ensure we have a democratic right – you’d sure miss it if it was taken away from you.

From the CCC website:

Anyone who does not post their voting papers by Wednesday 6 October is encouraged to drop them into the Civic Offices, 53 Hereford St, or a Council Service Centre before the close of voting (which is this Saturday at noon).

While I was there I took a pic of the new city council buildings (well the façade). I’m reserving my opinion on its architectural merits – though I have made the comment that it looks like half a building (because an apartment block is in front of it). I will at some point explore its photographic potential further and more seriously.


  • 7 years ago

    Just realised how appropriate it is that the lady walking up to the building is wearing Red and Black – Canterbury colours (how considerate of her).

  • di
    7 years ago

    Here I was thinking it had been carefully staged!
    Are you sure you didn’t pay her? 🙂
    Like the water feature

  • Leeann
    7 years ago

    Michelle, I love your photo of the new civic building!

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