Pink Rose at Mona Vale

A rose I saw at Mona Vale garden. I’ve done some experimentation with this image as I am trying out Light Room to see what it can do. I thinking of using it more for creating artistic prints rather than web photos – but it sure adds a lot to the image.


  • 7 years ago


  • di
    7 years ago

    Fabulous image – yep, Light Room is great – but post-processing can gobble us sooooooo much time … I’ve just become ever-so-slightly addicted to textures.

  • 7 years ago

    Nicely done Michelle. Our roses are just about done now that winter is nearly here. My photo tweaking I do in Photoshop but I am far from an expert, I often feel less is more, sometimes I give up because the tweaked pic looks worse than the original. I have yet to try Light Room, perhaps I will look at it.

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