The Sky Tonight

The weather today has been a bit of a mixed bag really – fine and very humid this morning (far too humid for my hill walk!) and then lots of rain most of the day and then fine again this evening (though it is now raining again). During the break in the weather the sky got all interesting – at about 8pm tonight. However, I happened to be watching the BBC’s Planet Earth series on Blue Ray (which you must absolutely watch as it is fantastic) – when I looked out the window and saw misty clouds over the Port Hills. My comment to my partner was ‘darn, real nature is competing with TV nature’ – and quick as anything he grabbed the remote and said ‘we can pause’ – pointing the remote at the window! The light changed so fast – I scurry down the hallway to get a different camera lens, and then I drag out the tripod, and before I know it, the light changes again. It’s quite a race – but one I never tire of!

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  • 7 years ago

    Lovely Dusk, mother nature at its best. We here mostly get subtle changes in 10\10 cloud cover, really not quite the same.

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