Cathedral Junction with Tram

This is the Cathedral Junction shopping centre and restaurant area with the tram going through it. The new building appears to be finished – I feel like I blinked and there it was! Nice to see something going up rather than coming down for a change. On that note, yesterday was awful for earthquakes and after shocks – my nerves were starting to get to me. The last earthquake I felt was at 2am this morning and it’s now 5.11pm. A welcome relief.

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  • Lyn D Cole
    6 years ago

    Hello and what wonderful photos of Christchurch now they are a treasure with the quake happening 22 February.
    They are just so lovely and you got some what can I say memories of Christchurch. I loved the ones of the candles and the Menorah (Jewish) stand which was in the Cathedral. i do wonder if these survived?

    The candles are quite appropriate for now. In memory of those gone.

    I took one of an old man praying or resting in silence in the Cathedral in 2009 and also of the votive candles (menorah) also. It is a memory now for me also…

    Shalom (Peace) to all those families that have lost someone…Amen.


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