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Pedro Tochas Busker – World Buskers Festival

This one’s for you Ms Brown

Pedro is back at the festival! He hasn’t been in the World Buskers Festival in Christchurch in years and he has been missed (especially by one of your biggest fans). Great to have him back in Christchurch as he is so clever and funny (and that is quite an achievement when you don’t actually talk during your act).

The small dog was not a fan of Pedro’s and for that he got included in the act!

Quite a few crowd members got roped into joining the act.

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Michelle is a Christchurch web designer and photography fan living in Christchurch New Zealand.

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  1. Paul on January 24, 2011 at 2:51 am

    I too love buskers, they do not have to be great as long as they try and put their heart into what ever it is that they do. Here in Leeds they are mostly singers with guitar, but sometimes we get something more exotic, like Psycho Sam from Australia.

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