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Some respite and normality in Halswell

This morning we still did not have power at home, but we have got our routine down pat. We get up, boil up some of our bottled water on the gas cooker, make a pot of tea and have our cereal with our Ultra Heat Treated Milk. We then headed over to Halswell – a suburb South West of Christchurch for some respite and to get some work done. I actually managed to do about four hours of productive work – which is great, as I am self-employed so I only get paid if I work, so I am very grateful for friends who have opened up their home during the day.

At lunchtime I went to the supermarket in Halswell and bought just what I needed for lunch and everyone seems calm and relaxed – no bulk buying as far as I could tell. Halswell is one of those enclaves in the city that has been largely unaffected – the roads and houses and infrastructure are intact.

We’re not an overly patriotic country (too stoic for that) – but  I was pleased to see the New Zealand flag flying at a house in Halswell.

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Michelle is a Christchurch web designer and photography fan living in Christchurch New Zealand.

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  1. PPusa on February 28, 2011 at 11:02 pm

    Great to hear about daily routines considering all the damage!

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