Heathcote river at low tide with liquefaction

This is the Heathcote river near the estuary (taken from above the Bridle Path road). At low tide you can see liquefaction that has been caused by the earthquake. Not sure what will happen to this – perhaps it will settle back down, but it makes for an interesting landscape.

Today I attended a business meeting on the West side of Christchurch and was amazed at how normal everything is over there – roads intact, shops open, traffic lights working – everything you would expect from a modern city. Except there was a little more congestion than normal as the arterial routes around the city are getting used more now that people are avoiding east to west travel via the central city. No wind today, which is a welcome relief as the city was a dust bowl yesterday. I took photos of the dust, but forgot my cable so couldn’t download the photos. That’s the sort of small thing that starts to irritate – I am never really sure where the stuff I need is as I keep throwing things in bags and going to different parts of the city. Lots of people of course are in the same boat as they travel to the other side of town for something as basic as a shower and some internet time!

We emailed our power company today to see if they had forgotten about us – no they hadn’t – but they can’t tell us when we will get power back. We are on the lower hills of Mt Pleasant and at times we feel as forgotten as some of the other eastern suburbs out there. We know they are working hard and there are many faults to fix and it doesn’t help that we were just 2km from the epicentre of the quake. I still wonder how the house stayed intact – but the answer is really ‘wooden frame and tin roof’.

Any one living in an earthquake risky zone should avoid living in a house with brick cladding and tiles and brick chimneys – it’s a very bad combination. Old wooden villas with tin roofs got off lightly in our area, compared to the more ‘modern’ homes.

Example of what happens to brick cladding during an earthquake (house in Mt Pleasant)

Thanks for all of the lovely and supportive comments. It really means a lot to me, and is one of the highlights of my day 🙂


  • CDP Fan
    6 years ago

    http://www.oriongroup.co.nz/ has daily updates on the progress of power restoration. There’s also a map linked on that page which you can compare to previous days maps by looking in the update archive. On the 24th they said there were “some weeks” to get power restored for the last 25% of the city. They seem to have made very good progress in the last week. Fingers crossed you get your power back soon.

    State of network on 24 Feb with “some weeks” left to fix:

    State of network 3 March (1 week later):

  • 6 years ago

    Thanks CDP fan, we’re frequent visitors to the Orion site – and only emailed them when we saw they’d listed our entire area as having power. Still no power this morning, here’s hoping it will be before the end of this week.

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