Portoloos Ferrymead

These portoloos turned up a few days ago.  They’re a bit far to walk for me and my partner! And not sure I care to brave one either – based on what I heard about the ones placed in suburbs for September’s quake.

I’ve had a quiet day focusing on work. Things are very quiet, the phone has stopped ringing – as it has for many other Christchurch businesses. But there is lots of support – from the government with their business support package, and from other organisations that are promoting a buy Canterbury made message to the rest of the country. As I only have a few bits of work to complete for a few clients, I have developed ‘ready made’ websites that can be customised for people quite quickly. The first one I have developed is funnily enough – for a professional photographer or an artist. It could be the start of a new line of business for me, or it could be a big waste of time. But you do what you gotta do when you are self-employed!

The weather is rather hot at the moment – it seems summer has decided to kick in just when we can’t enjoy it the most – as all of our rivers and beaches are off limits for hygiene reasons. At least we can still enjoy the sunshine and the barbecues 🙂


  • 6 years ago

    The sunshine disappointed me, a few drops of rain left me thinking I could refill the rainwater barrel, but that didn’t happen. And then with all the dust, I have really itchy eyes. So probably cooler and damper would be good right now.

  • 6 years ago

    I checked out your link; hope this develops as a successful venture for you! It’s pretty complicated to me.

  • 6 years ago

    looks like you are getting back to normal. Hope you dont need to hike far away to get to a loo. Good luck with your website designs.

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