A walk around Opawa

This is a sticker you might get on your rubbish bin if you mix up your recycling – I’ve photo-shopped it for my message. Keep being good to each other.

I’m currently working out of a friend’s house in Opawa (literally on their kitchen table). I used to live not far from Opawa so have always really liked the suburb – with its leafy trees and meandering Heathcote river and wonderful old homes. I was particularly pleased to see that many of the big old houses on Aynsley Terrace are looking good – just a bit of minor damage here and there (I’m guessing many of these homes lost their chimneys in September’s quake).

The experts are saying that Christchurch people will have their good and bad days. Today’s a good one, yesterday was not so much – I just felt a bit overwhelmed by what lies ahead and had one of those headaches that doesn’t go away. But today is a bright and sunny day, so I went for a walk at lunchtime around Opawa and took a few photos of the area.

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  • 6 years ago

    Great photos, great posts. I like the way how you keep on blogging in this bad conditions. Hope everything gets better soon.

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