Christchurch Earthquake Memorial

We attended the memorial in Hagley Park today. Tens of thousands of people turned up to pay their respects to the victims of the quake and to gather and find strength and some sense of a way forward. Prince William attended and the first photo is of him giving his speech (it’s a photo of the screen I could see as we were so far back).


  • 6 years ago

    Some great coverage of the event and fun to see that Prince William was there, too!

  • 6 years ago

    There was some good coverage of this on British TV – good to see.

  • 6 years ago

    I had forgotten he was there, I rarely watch TV. You got closer to William than I have ever been, though I did meet his great grandmother when I was in the military and also his aunt Anne, who does not mince her words. Christchurch may have been eclipsed by the story from Japan, but that does not make the loss go away.

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