Sumner Borough Council Building

I went for a walk around Sumner today, mainly because I really needed some fresh sea air and figured the smell of the ocean would be good for me. And it certainly was, the beach is still as beautiful as ever, but a few things have certainly changed. I didn’t get a photo of Shag Rock as it was too hard to stop (the road is practically one lane in places), but it’s fair to say it is ‘munted’. Cave Rock is still standing however, but has large sections that have fallen away – you couldn’t pay me enough money to go into it.

The building I have photographed was the Sumner Borough Council building at some point (that’s what it says at the top in the masonry), not sure what it is or was now. But as you can see it has some rather large containers in front of it, so I’m guessing it’s not expected to keep standing if we get another decent shake. There were a lot of shipping containers around Sumner – many of them line the roads as a protection against the cliff faces. I’m amazed now at how I can mentally calculate the ‘drop zone’ of a falling hazard and think yeah… that’s enough protection. I also do put a lot of faith in the engineers who work these things out. But having said that, I did not get too close to the clock tower that is remarkably still standing and looking very undamaged.

I’ll post more photos of my walk around the beach-side suburb tomorrow.


  • 6 years ago

    This use of containers seems like a good idea. Our news has long moved on from Christchurch and onto Libya and Japan but scenes like this one will I guess be with you for a long while yet. I met a guy from NZ a week back, rugby player plays for the Leeds Rhinos, Weller Hauraki also plays for NZ Maoris, nice guy was on charity duty in Leeds city centre. I only mention it because it is pretty rare for me to encounter someone from NZ here.

    • 6 years ago

      Hi Paul, our news too has moved onto Japan and Libya, unless of course something major happens in Christchurch – like the business people breaking one of the army cordons to demand to talk to the civil defence people about their buildings and property left in them. Mostly the earthquake news is now current affairs material for a week night shows. I’m actually trying to cut down on my news consumption, it’s too much some days.

  • Beth
    6 years ago

    Sumner Museum. Practically all items have been removed from the building, using a steel tube for protection.

    • 6 years ago

      Thanks Beth, great to hear they got the museum items out.

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