Autumn Scene

The trees on Bridle Path Road are simply stunning right now. Every time I drive by I think ‘wow’. I was lucky enough to capture the vintage car driving by just at the right time. I think it looks very smart and appealing for it is a symbol of an era that was simpler than now, slower, more graceful, and I imagined the occupants laughing and smiling and on there way to a picnic they would have under an autumnal tree in some green field with snowy-white sheep. It makes me calm and happy when I look at these leaves, I  hope it has the same effect on you 🙂 especially my fellow Cantabrians.


  • 6 years ago

    Hello. Just stopped by to admire your lovely photos. The vintage car really makes this picture perfect.

    I took a look at your photos tagged “earthquake” and hope you are all doing well. You’re all still in our prayers.

  • Floss
    6 years ago

    So beautiful, looking at them is like breathing our when you didn’t even realize you were holding your breath.

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