Arts Centre Market at Ferrymead Village

I’m really pleased to see the Arts Centre Market up and running again and I think the Ferrymead Village is a wonderful venue for it. I’d heard through word of mouth that the market was going to be there today and tomorrow so had to get along to check it out. I’d not been to Ferrymead Village since I was a teenager on holiday in Christchurch, so I was also pleasantly surprised at how fascinating the village is. I’m in denial about it, but I am definitely a steam train buff, and tram buff, trolley bus and anything that is old and motorised buff. I also think Lois Williams’ hand-painted glassware is just so beautiful (pictured above and below).

Lois Williams’ colourful and vibrant glassware at the market in Ferrymead

Arts Centre Market at Ferrymead – what a wonderful combination – it was a beautiful day and people were really enjoying themselves.

The Steam Train


  • 6 years ago

    But do you have to pay the entry price for Ferrymead to visit the market?

  • 6 years ago

    Hi Catherine, no you don’t have to pay the entrance fee unless you want to ride on the trains.

  • Phil Jopson
    5 years ago

    how can you get in touch with the market to inquire about a stall?

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