1000 Posts!

I didn’t realise this until I logged into my blog to publish this blog, that I was up to 999 posts! So this is my one thousandth blog post. Wow! I probably should have gotten here a little bit sooner, but I have missed a few days here and there in the roughly 3.5 years I’ve been doing this blog. I started off being very strict about publishing daily (even when I was sick with the flu once I dragged myself out of bed), but after a while I wasn’t quite so stringent with myself about blogging every day. Some days are wet and cold (like today) and you go nowhere and see nothing except for the four walls of your house. I usually have a few photos saved up for days like these. The butterfly is one of those saved up photos – I snapped it a few days ago. It’s on a house you can see from Barbadoes Street, and I have been meaning to photograph it for years, but I am always coming or going somewhere if I am on Barbadoes Street!

I’ve done a bit of editing to the photo as I am trying out a new Photoshop filter (Topaz Adjust) that does lots of interesting effects. I’ve layered two images on top of each other and done a mask so the red comes through (the house walls are actually just white without all the dramatic black and white shadowing!). I rather like the effect, and you will probably see a few more. I’ve also recently download the Poladroid software which makes your photos look like old polaroids (see images below).

Here are two photos I did take today – of the cheese scones I baked for our lunch. I had Vegemite on mine (you can just make out the yellow jar at the back!).


  • 6 years ago

    It must be the Vegemite that gave you the strength and the creativity to make 1000 posts.
    Congratulations! We look forward to many more. Have fun with your photo editing experimentation.

  • 6 years ago

    Congrats! 1000 posts is a lot of work. I’m currently on my 977th post so I almost know how much…although it must be a lot harder if you also have to eat vegemite 😉

    I also look forward to your future posts. Among other things it is interesting to see the progress in the rebuilding of the city.

  • Congratulations – 1000 is a lot of work, I am only at 196 posts! I hope I can do as well as you’ve done!

  • 6 years ago

    Hi Michelle
    As already said well done! 1,000 is a good score and I have around 150 remaining till then so I too have a good idea of the effort involved.
    I think the trick with the CDP is to think of it as like walking the Pennine way, it does not matter how fast you did it, just that you undertook the journey. I too have missed the odd day, in the bigger picture that is neither here nor there.

  • 6 years ago

    Sorry forgot to mention I too like the Topaz plugins, especially adjust.

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