My afternoon in photos

June 14, 2011
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Cleaning up the silt at Ferrymead (Ferry Road)

This afternoon I decided I needed some exercise and fresh air after one too many after shocks rattling the house. I also wanted to check out the state of Ferry Road which is not far from home. I’d heard it went under water and a car had sunk into the silt yesterday after the quake. The car was well and truly gone by the time I got to see Ferry Road and the busy bee workers are making fast work of the clean up. Everyone seems to have swung into action and just getting on with things – I’m really impressed with the response to everything.

Repairs to a drain on the Ferrymead Bridge

There were rather a lot of City Care vans parked on Bridle Path road and lots of men in high-vis jackets digging up a drain. I’m not sure what the drain did – maybe water (hope it was as we are still without running water).

Liquefaction Volcanoes in the Estuary

I walked around the estuary and became fascinated with the liquefaction volcanoes – it looks like another planet they are so surreal. I took a lot of photos of them as they are so fascinating. Of course, not so fascinating if they are in your back yard.

The bird-life doesn't seem to mind the silt volcanoes (this one's mine says the bird on the left)

Later in the afternoon I was back at home and could hear the distinctive sound of an Air-force helicopter flying towards the house. It was quite some distance away, but somehow I just knew they would fly right over our house. Sure enough they didn’t disappoint. I have no idea who was in the helicopter, but when I zoomed in on the photo  it looks like someone has turned the camera on me (which makes sense as they would have been photographing the damage to the hill suburbs).

Air force checking out the hill suburbs

About 5pm I decided to start making dinner, but then I noticed the sunset was starting to go red again so had to grab the camera for the 1001st photo I have taken of a sunset from our deck! It was particularly spectacular tonight with its orange and pink – due to the dust still in our atmosphere from Chile.

The sunset tonight - another cracker one

We’ve had quite a few after shocks – actually just had one as I was typing this and it gave me a wee fright – got the heart pumping as the house shook and the windows creak really badly. The quake from yesterday has now been ‘upgraded’ to a 6.3, which is not that surprising to me as I was thinking it felt all too familiar – it just didn’t go on as long and we didn’t get really big after shocks following it. For that I am very grateful. Well time to go to bed, and here’s hoping we don’t get any big after shocks again tonight.

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