Woolston Community Library Demolition

June 30, 2011
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I was driving down Ferry Road today and did a double take at this scene. I am not sure when they started on the demolition – but am certain the building was still (mostly) there just a few days ago. I think it suffered quite a bit of extra damage in the 6.3 we had a few weeks ago.

It was a lovely building  and it is such a shame it is gone, as it doesn’t look like there will be many heritage buildings left in the Woolston village. I saw a sign showing an architectural drawing of a new building going up on Ferry Road, it looked suspiciously like tilt slab to me. Wish we could ban tilt slab buildings from now on. They lack imagination and style and don’t appear to be any safer than other buildings.

I’m already finding it hard to remember what building was where around the city and I guess my memories of various buildings will fade a lot over time. When I see a heritage building still standing it feels like a small victory for the past.

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