Sunday Artisan Market, Riccarton House

Riccarton House - the setting for the Artisan Market

This morning I went along to the Artisan Market that is on every Sunday (from 11am to 3pm) at Riccarton House on 16 Kahu Road. It was a lovely day for it – we’ve had blue skies and sunshine and the wind has disappeared. In fact, I think Christchurch has been very fortunate with our weather – each night I see what everyone else has been getting (tornadoes and snow), and every day the worst we have had is a bit of wind and some nip in the air (which just makes you walk a bit faster which is a great way to walk of quake-weight). If you don’t know what quake-weight is, then you’re not living in Christchurch 🙂 – or you are one of those in the minority whose nervous energy has made them lose weight (you are freaks of nature!). But by my reckoning, most people have piled on the pounds, seeking refuge in a) wine, b) chocolate, c) icecream and d) sometimes all of the above in one sitting. So while at the market I avoided the fudge, the honey-nuts and the croissants, but did indulge in a yummy Bratwurst and flat white.

Jewellery at the Artisan Market
Interesting fabrics for the crafty types
Vibrant and colourful scarves
Beautiful hand-made bags - very tempting, but I'd just spent $65 on a web design book at Scorpio books (in Riccarton now) and blown my budget
Riccarton House


  • Abi
    6 years ago

    Ooo, we were there on Sunday too! Wasn’t it a gorgeous day 🙂

    • 6 years ago

      It was indeed Abi!

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