Love Mural in Sydenham and other pictures from Sydenham

July 24, 2011
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Mural near the corner of Brougham and Colombo Streets

The mural is on a wall in Sydenham near the corner of Brougham Street and Colombo Street. It was so cold this morning when I took this photo that I wore fingerless gloves (the ones without the fingertips) so I could still work the camera! The photo club I belong to had an outing to Sydenham’s main street area and I took quite a few shots along Colombo Street. On a cold Sunday morning it’s not the most uplifting place to be at the moment, but Sydenham fans have high hopes for its future. Nice to see the folks in Underground Coffee wearing the I Love Sydenham t-shirts. There’s a bit of activity going on with the Sydenham Mall, it’s being re-branded and is now called ‘The Colombo’. Quite a few shops are getting fitted out and in particular there is a store being set up in the mall for fashion designer Annah Stretton – it can’t be far from opening as we could see some dresses already on display (just checked the website and it opens July 25th).

Heart Sydenham - apparently you can buy the t-shirts
Someone has put large bandaids onto the buildings around Sydenham
This popular dairy has been operating out of a portacom for a few months now
The Sydenham Bakery is open - nom nom nom


Churchills Tavern is back in business - with its own Tui advert


Won't be long and all of these stores will have retailers in them
Today's window display at Red Current - they've got an 'up to 50% off sale' on at the moment on some items


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