Old Art Gallery, Botanic Gardens

August 17, 2011
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Winter light shone through the tree - just before a storm hit

I took this photo on Saturday just before the hail storm hit – it is the old Art Gallery that is in the Botanic Gardens.

Today the weather has been miserable with lots of wind and rain but no snow. I’ve not ventured out as it took 40 minutes for my partner to get the car out of the steep driveway we have. I didn’t fancy negotiating it myself (had visions of skidding down the bank and into the house!).

The birds finally discovered the bird feeder, so this is now visited by sparrows and the wax eyes get the fruit or the sugar water. I was reading about 3 fantails that made themselves at home in a house in Canterbury and learned that many small birds may not have made it through the winter blast we’ve had. So I’ve been doing my bit for the bird life in our area (as have my neighbours). It will be interested to see what happens in Spring and if they bring their babies to the feeder. Yes, I’ve become a little bird obsessed!

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