Tea and Cupcakes

Beautifully decorated cupcakes by the talented Sandi

This afternoon a very good friend of mine hosted a high tea. There were cup cakes and dainty tea cups and about 2 dozen choices of wonderful teas to sample.

One lump or two?

I tried to get the sugar lump mid flight, but after two lumps we gave up – as the tea had to be drunk and well two lumps might be just sweet enough but surely three would be quite sickly?

I seem to have caught the ‘ohh pretty bone china cup.. must have it’  bug that several of my friends have already fallen to… which is quite an optimistic hobby to acquire after a year of earthquakes.! It was a lovely afternoon and much fun was had by all.

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  • 6 years ago

    Tea and treats – sign me up! Yummy photos!

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