Cooptown Turkeys and Orchard

We went to Akaroa for the day today and on the way back we stopped at Cooptown to take a photo of the beautiful blossoms in the orchard. We’d been snapping a way for a while when I suddenly realised I was hearing turkeys! On further investigation I found the turkeys were actually in the orchard. They were hilarious and every 5 seconds or so the whole group of them would go in unison “gobble gobble gobble’.

The orchard in blossom is so pretty, in fact the entire trip to Akaroa was incredibly beautiful today – it’s a special place all year round, but in Spring it excels in its vibrant and verdant loveliness.




  • jordi
    5 years ago

    nice photos! love that place!

    • 5 years ago

      Jordi, it’s certainly a special place and especially so in Spring with all the blossom – it’s simply quite magical.

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