Manchester Street

September 28, 2011
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This is Manchester Street from near the corner of St Asaph & Manchester Streets. I aimed my long lens through the wire fence. What I noticed immediately was the old Paint Sign on the side of the building. This has been revealed now that the building beside it has come down. See below for a close up of the sign – it was hard to get a better shot due to the cordon.

The statue above is just a few doors along from The Drawing Room on Manchester street but behind the cordon. I can’t remember what was there. Someone has left her standing upright. There’s also rather a high stack of shipping containers being used to protect workers from a building collapse – I can’t work out which building it is. That’s the problem when you can’t get into your central city, your memory starts to fade. There’s talk of running citizen tours through the CBD once it’s safe. Needless to say I’d be one of the first on the bus if I could grab a seat.

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