Two kingfishers, a blackbird and some unidentified waders in Heathcote River

A kingfisher sitting in the Bluegum tree not far from our deck. I spotted him and thought I’d never have enough time to go and get my camera. But happily he stayed put for me and I got this shot. Then to my surprise another one flew in to keep him company.

And then… a blackbird landed as well. I was sure the Kingfishers would take off at this point but they stood their ground (actually I don’t think they’re scared of much)…

Click the image for a larger version…

So I was pretty excited by all this bird activity.. but more was to follow. About an hour later I was told to come into the lounge now and quickly – I enquired ‘should I bring my camera?’ and yes! was the reply. I was gob-smacked at what I saw…

This line of birds went up the Heathcote river / estuary not far from the Ferrymead Bridge. I’m not sure what type of birds these are – I’ve blown up a part of the picture hoping that someone can tell me what breed they are.

Please leave a comment if you know what they are. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about birds – as they seem to feature on this blog a lot now šŸ™‚


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  • Kezza
    5 years ago


    They’re originally Aussies (bucking the trend of the migration west), known as Royal Spoonbills. Apparently shy birds, so not the typical Aussie(!)

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