Botanic Gardens Late Afternoon

November 17, 2011
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Flower in the Herbaceous Border

I went into the Botanic Gardens today, to check out the Herbaceous Border they have, as I am thinking of creating one at home. I’ve always been a fan of this type of planting – flowers all mixed in together with lots of greenery to create a cottagey wild look. It’s going to be a bit of hard work to create my own garden, but definitely worth the effort.

The Herbaceous Border

It was lovely in the garden today, as the sun was shining, it was not too windy, and it was just warm enough that the scents of the different flowers were wafting in the air. Christchurch people have always loved the Botanic Gardens, but after the year we have had I think they need it too – it’s a place of beauty and serenity that has been largely untouched by the earthquakes. So you can go there and have a quiet moment and stop to literally and figuratively ‘smell the roses’ and forget about what ever is worrying you that day.

The way the light was hitting the trees made everything very green and vibrant.


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